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Dogs bark! It is a fact. Expecting them to never bark is the same as expecting people to never speak. However, not all barking is cute and appropriate – it would not be easy to find a person who enjoys when dogs do that excessively. Not only can it lead to serious problems in your own house (such as crankiness, lack of sleep, awake babies, headaches, etc.), but it can also cause some really unpleasant conflicts with your neighbors.

Bark Over will help you to train dog and bark control. Train your dog in good behavior, stop clawing, digging, scratching, biting, and staying off the furniture.
The Bark Over uses two ultrasonic transmitters, which can repellent dogs away. It carries an ultrasonic which can reach up to 20 feet. It will protect you from the unfriendly dogs to send a message to the approaching dogs before they become aggressive while you are walking, running, bicycling, etc.

Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Device | UBERTECHUltrasonic Dog Bark Control Device | UBERTECH



  • SAFE AND EFFICIENT: This Bark Over 100% safe for your dogs, other pets, and of course, yourself and your family. Stop excessive noisy dog barking by emitting an ultrasonic sound to silence the dog.
  • FOR ALL SIZES OF DOGS: The Bark Over uses high-frequency sound that works to reduce excessive bark of dogs within hearing range; For dogs 6 months and older up to 50ft range. Without the need for the traditional collar is safe for most varieties of dogs.
  • MINI DESIGN: This Bark Over comes with a well-designed mini shape, can be hung on a tree, indoor, outdoor wall, or fence post to stop any dogs barking (within range).
  • ENERGY SAVING: Operates 9-Volt batteries, average battery life 5-6 months depending on use.


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