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Waist line control; Slim to 7 centimeters off without exercise!
The new sensation to lose your stomach, back, thighs and legs centimeters: Slencera. Slencera features a seamless design with special slimming zones.

The best results are achieved by wearing Slencera for 30 days. This enables you to slim down up to 7 inches! Excess fat disappears from your buttocks, thighs and abdomen. And even cellulite disappear over time. Your legs and abdomen will visibly slimmer and sleeker look.
Lose up to 3 cm from your waist and 2 cm from your hips with the new and spectacular waist belt, thanks to its massage effect What`s the secret? Its innovative fabric includes hundreds of tourmaline spheres, which help burning fat without squeezing.

The effect of Tourmaline fabric:
1.Anion and far infrared ray effect on the skin directly. Balancing yin and yang, warming and activating meridia, warming yang for dispelling cold.
2. Boosts blood circulation, excitor, relieve the pain and fatigue.
3. Activate fatty cells accelerated and converted, have the effect of weight loss.
4. With the deep thermal effect.

Tourmaline Bamboo Shorts

Color: Grey
Size: Free Size
Material: 45% Polyamide 43% Polyester 12% Elastane

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Innovative fabric includes hundreds of tourmaline spheres
Bamboo material
Waist line control
Reduce orange peel
Weight loss effect
Eliminating fatigue rapidly

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