Car Vac

79.99 $


Car Vac is a three-in-one car vacuum cleaner with, fast vacuum, strong suction, aromatherapy, and deodorization, with LED lighting.
It has a built-in aroma diffuser that when the dust removal is turned on, the function of aromatherapy for the car at the same time can make the car full of charming fragrance.

✔️WET AND DRY: The Car Vac  also absorbs excess liquids.
✔️ELIMINATES ODOR: Thanks to the removable back cover, we can add the flavored disc that will perfume our entire car and will allow us to always keep it clean and fragrant, on every occasion.
✔️CLEANS EVERYWHERE: Thanks to the 5-meter long cable you can vacuum every corner of your car, even the hood! And if you don’t see dirt, turn on the built-in LED LIGHT which will show it to you even at night.
✔️WASHABLE AND REUSABLE FILTER: You don’t have to worry about replacing the filter, you can wash and reuse it safely.
✔️TOTAL ASPIRATION: Great suction power of 4500pa that allows you to remove any type of dirt quickly and easily.