Knee Force

39.99 $

Experience instant relief from knee pain with this new device!
Lacking knee strength and stability? Got low energy levels and performance? Imagine the freedom of being able to go anywhere, exercise, and play your sports all day without having knee issues!
It is called Knee Force and it will significantly reduce forces on all parts of the knees. When you bent your knees, pressure on them increases and it causes pain but wearing the Knee Force will give you the extra knee support you always wanted.


🛋️ DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT – The Knee Force is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It allows assistance to your knees and gives a firm grip. Its strapping will give you an extra boost and cushioned on pads will protect your knees.
😧 REDUCES KNEE PAIN – If you are experiencing problems at knees for a long time it might cause permanent joint damage. With Knee Force you add support to your knees and enjoy instant relief.
🦿 INCREASES KNEE STRENGTH – This powerful and supportive Knee Force will assist you in supporting your calves, thighs, and will reduce the pressure on your knees. It will minimize the stress on your knees and improve your knee strength.
👗 INVISIBLE – It will fit seamlessly under your clothes and not indicate wearing something extra. Knee Force is one size fits all and can be adjusted for anyone.🌬️ BREATHABLE MESH – It’s comfortable, whether worn directly wrapped around your bare knees or over your pants.
💚 Color: Green/Gray
🏗️ Material: 32% Spandex – 68% Nylon
📏 Size(perimeter): M: 35-40cm, L: 40-45cm, XL: 45-50cm, XXL: 50-55cm, XXXL: 55-60cm
⚖️ Weight: 100-120g