Orbis Heater

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Stay warm and cozy with this Wall Outlet Portable Space Heater with a thermostat and timer! It boasts a 350-watt heat setting and a digital LED display. It plugs directly into any wall outlet, so it can be used almost anywhere!

Use the Wall Outlet Portable Space Heater for personal heat or heating smaller spaces. A ceramic heating element produces safe and efficient heat, and you can conveniently set the built-in timer up to 12 hours.
Thanks to its compact, cordless design, you can plug this personal space heater into any wall outlet.

Wall Outlet Portable Space Heater | UBERTECH

  • DIGITAL THERMOSTAT: Wall Outlet Portable Space Heater gives you actual degrees. Ability to be adjusted by the desired temperature from 60°F to 90°F. Set the thermostat to your desired temp and it turns itself on and off to maintain that temp. The outer surface stays cool.
  • WITH LED DISPLAY AND TIMER: Press the timer button allows you to scroll through 1 and 12 hours in 1-hour increments. For the auto power on a timer, ensure the heater is turned off, press the Timer button until the led display shows the number of hours you want For the auto shut off timer, ensure the heater is turned on, keep pressing the Timer button till it reaches your desire time.
  • QUIET AND FAST HEATING: Extremely quiet to heat up 100 square feet of the room well. It is for smaller places like offices or dorm rooms desk table indoors. Use it at home when you don’t want to heat up the entire house with other centralized heaters. It’s very quiet so it won’t keep you awake at night.
  • SMALL AND PORTABLE: Wall Outlet Portable Space Heater’s compact size makes it easy to carry it around wherever I want without any wires. It doesn’t take up floor space or have a cord laying on the floor to trip on. Modern look make it blend well in a living room or bedroom or other areas of the house since it’s not a big eyesore like a space heater.

Wall Outlet Portable Space Heater | UBERTECHWall Outlet Portable Space Heater | UBERTECHWall Outlet Portable Space Heater | UBERTECH