T10 Cooler

84.47 $


With the T10 Cooler you can now take your air conditioner anywhere you go! Whether you want a cooler room to sleep in comfortably or give your car A/C an extra push, this brand new air cooler is a new alternative to avoid the unpleasant summer heat.

✔️Provides a strong cool breeze lowering surrounding temperatures.
✔️ Three airflow speeds.
✔️ Save expensive electricity bills by keeping consumption very low due to it innovative operating design.
✔️ Experience cool & pleasant nights and avoid heat at night.
✔️ Most air conditioners are very noisy. Thanks to its intake manifold engine, which makes it barely noticeable when it’s on, you won’t have to worry about any annoying noises with the T10 Cooler.
✔️ You can choose between 3 fan speeds for desired level of cooling.
✔️ 7 programmable LED lighting colors.

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