Vital Band

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Whether you have been diagnosed with hypertension (also known as high blood pressure) or you want to keep track of your health, a blood pressure monitor is a must-have at home for keeping your numbers under control.
The basic advantage of our VitalBand is a very lightweight and precise machine that measures systolic and diastolic pressure. It uses the Smart Logic technology that inflates the cuff perfectly every time and releases it at the right moment.

With our VitalBand, the whole measurement process is almost automatic. Here is how to use a blood pressure monitor: Place the cuff around your arm or wrist, turn on the device, and the cuff will inflate to start the measurement and deflate when the measurement has been taken. Once finished, the final reading will appear on the screen. The average reading should be around 120 for systolic and 80 for diastolic. If your blood pressure monitor readings are constantly higher or lower than this, you might want to consider discussing it with your doctor.

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor | UBERTECH


  • EASY WAY TO CHECK YOUR BP ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: VitalBand gives you the opportunity to measure your blood pressure wherever you are.
  • ACCURATE AND WELL MADE: Each VitalBand is accurately tested and validated; high-quality materials provide strength and durability to the blood pressure monitor.
  • EASY TO USE: The VitalBand with an easy-to-use cuff is designed with a large and clear LCD screen, has easy memory settings, irregular heartbeat indicator, and automatic shutdown function.
  • CONVENIENT TO STORE: The VitalBandcomes with a compact carrying case that makes it easy to store and keep a portable BP monitor cuff on hand while traveling.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR PARENTS: Easy to read, clearly displays systolic pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, helping you to know if blood pressure is normal, particularly convenient for the elderly.

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor | UBERTECH