Zen Detox Foot Patches

29.99 $


For hundreds of years, eastern medicine understood toxins traveled downwards in the body accumulating in the tips of our toes and ankles. They also understood that toxin accumulation lead to many degenerative diseases.

The foot pads contain natural ingredients which do these acupuncture points through the combined action of wood/bamboo vinegar, far-infrared energy and negative ion. this stimulation results in the breakdown of water and waste molecules that free blockages in the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

How does it work?

🌷 Natural Remedy: Say ‘No’ to Chemicals! Zen Foot Patches are Made from Carefully Selected Japanese Herbs

🕉️ Holistic Healing: Treat Multiple Symptoms by Removing Body Toxins

👵 Traditional Wisdom: Technique Passed Through Generations

🔝 High quality: Detox Foot Patches made of high quality material, dont worry anaphylaxis when use it
👍 Easy to use: Stick and spread the foot pad firmly onto the sole of your feet when sleeping, allow between 6-8 hours for full absorption before removing the pads
🦶 Application: This foot care pad is suitable the sub-health population, great for the people who is under great stress, helping relieve pain and relax
🦠 Function: This foot pad helps activating cells, relieving fatigue, possessing better quality of sleep, promote wellness